Abstract Area Rug Modern Zigzag Wave #66

Size: 2' X 7'
Color: Blue
Sizing guide
Product Description Size Guide and Features: 2x3 Feet Doormat Exact Size: 2 3 ft. ~ Length: 83.5" Width: 23.6" Height: 0.50" 2x7 Feet Runner Exact Size: 1.96 ft. by 6.96 ft. ~ Length: 83.5" Width: 23.6" Height: 0.50" 5x7 Feet Exact Size: 5 ft. by 7 ft. ~ Length: 83.5" Width: 59.8" Height: 0.40" 8x10 Feet Exact Size: 7.8 10 ft. ~ Length: 119.7" Width: 93.7" Height: 0.50" This Rug Is Shed-Free

Size Guide

FInd the perfect size area rug for your space

Care Instructions

Vacuum regularly with non-beater bar vacuum. For spills, remove excess and blot with a clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water. Repeat with a solution of water and detergent. Finish by Blotting with water and a clean white cloth

Rug Pad is recomended

Rug Pad is recommended to Prevent Falls, Place on clean, dry floor and
smooth wrinkles. Rug pad adds Comfort and cushioning
Our Grip Rug Pads adds extra cushioning and comfort by absorbing the shock of
Hard Surfaces