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Red Rugs

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Abstract Rugs/Luxury Livingroom Soft 77Abstract Rugs/Luxury Livingroom Soft 77
Oval Pattern Soft Touch Rug #84Oval Pattern Soft Touch Rug #84
Abstract Area Rug Abstract/Brush Pattern #68Abstract Area Rug Abstract/Brush Pattern #68
Oval  Pattern Rugs #64Oval  Pattern Rugs #64
Oval Pattern Rugs #64 (0.0) Sale priceFrom $72.79
3-D Hand Carved Shaggy Rug  #063-D Hand Carved Shaggy Rug  #06
Plush 3D Shag Rug: Stylish, High Pile, Premium Comfort #03Plush 3D Shag Rug: Stylish, High Pile, Premium Comfort #03
Marble Rugs Grey Blue Multi Color Abstract Livingroom #77Marble Rugs Grey Blue Multi Color Abstract Livingroom #77
Faded Distressed Kashan Vintage #27Faded Distressed Kashan Vintage #27
Frame/Boxy/Cube Pattern-Shed Free RugFrame/Boxy/Cube Pattern-Shed Free Rug
High Pile Plush Rugs #07High Pile Plush Rugs #07
High Pile Plush Rugs #07 (0.0) Sale priceFrom $298.00
Southwestern Rug #15Southwestern Rug #15
Southwestern Rug #15 (0.0) Sale priceFrom $220.99
Spiral Distressed Rugs #87Spiral Distressed Rugs #87
Spiral Distressed Rugs #87 (0.0) Sale priceFrom $155.87
Swirls Abstract Design Hand Carved Rugs #10Swirls Abstract Design Hand Carved Rugs #10
Swirls Contemporary Hand Carved Rugs #14Swirls Contemporary Hand Carved Rugs #14
Swirls Hand Carved Area Rug #16Swirls Hand Carved Area Rug #16
Swirls Living Room Rugs #3Swirls Living Room Rugs #3
Swirls Living Room Rugs #3 (0.0) Sale priceFrom $77.90
Swirls Livingroom Rugs #2Swirls Livingroom Rugs #2
Swirls Livingroom Rugs #2 (0.0) Sale priceFrom $77.90
Swirls Patter Rug LUX-900Swirls Patter Rug LUX-900
Swirls Patter Rug LUX-900 (0.0) Sale priceFrom $72.79
Swirls Thick Soft Plush 3D Textured #06Swirls Thick Soft Plush 3D Textured #06
Thick Soft Plush 3D Textured #10Thick Soft Plush 3D Textured #10
Wavy Distressed Color Rugs #89Wavy Distressed Color Rugs #89
ABC Alphabet Shapes Non-SlipABC Alphabet Shapes Non-Slip
Colorful Rainbow Area Rug 3-D Hand Carved #07Colorful Rainbow Area Rug 3-D Hand Carved #07
Colorful Rainbow shaggy rug Stripped 3-D Hand CurvedColorful Rainbow shaggy rug Stripped 3-D Hand Curved
High Pile Plush Rugs Abstract #51High Pile Plush Rugs Abstract #51
HR- Rooster RugHR- Rooster Rug
HR- Rooster Rug (0.0) Sale priceFrom $103.99

Red Rugs: Enhance Your Home with Rich, Bold Colors

Red rugs are more than just floor coverings; they are a bold statement in any space. Known for their striking color, red rugs can transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you're looking to add warmth to your living room, enhance the elegance of your dining room, or bring a cozy touch to your bedroom, our collection of red rugs offers something for everyone.

Why Choose a Red Rug?

Red is a color of passion and energy, making red rugs perfect for areas where you entertain guests or spend quality family time. A fluffy red rug in a modern setting can serve as a luxurious centerpiece, while a geometric or abstract pattern adds a touch of sophistication to a contemporary home. For those who prefer a more traditional decor, an antique or Oriental red rug can anchor the room's design with a sense of history and richness.

Versatility in Design and Placement

Our red rugs come in various shapes, including rectangular, round, and even runner styles, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every space. Place a wool or cotton red rug in your master bedroom to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, or opt for a non-slip, washable rug in the kitchen or bathroom for both style and functionality.

Red Rugs for Every Room

Living Room: A large, plush red rug can soften the overall look of your living space, especially in homes with hard flooring. Pair it with a leather couch or green couch to make the colors pop and the area feel more inviting.

Bedroom: Choose a shaggy red rug to bring comfort and warmth underfoot, making your first and last steps of the day luxuriously soft.

Outdoor Areas: Opt for a durable, outdoor red rug to enhance your patio or deck area. These rugs are designed to withstand the elements while adding a splash of color to your outdoor gatherings.

Shop Smart

Looking for the best deals? Check out our rugs on sale, including popular sizes like 8x10 and 9x12. Our collection makes it easy to get it fast and start enjoying your new rug as soon as possible.

Browse our selection today and discover how a red rug can revitalize your home décor, offering both timeless elegance and bold modernity.