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Three Factors to Maintaining Your Area Rug
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Three Factors to Maintaining Your Area Rug

Authentic Indian rugs, cabin rugs, and the like are investments that should be properly protected and maintained. Keep reading for some tips on how to adequately maintain your area rug.

Regular Cleaning

How often you clean your rug depends on your family’s habits and the environment you live in. For example, if you have children or pets, you will likely need our rug cleaned more often. If your area is subject to moisture, consider a cleaning every 4-6 months.

Protection from Insects

If you notice any moths in your area, inspect the underside of your rug periodically to check for moths and their larvae. To prevent wool-eating moths, invest in a spray and apply it on your rug periodically. If you store your rugs, you should make sure that you use mothballs and cedar shavings, and seal it in brown or synthetic paper.

Other Preventative Measures

No matter how high-quality a rug you purchase, it is normal for them to eventually unravel or present slight signs of wear. It is important to notice small signs of damage as they happen; if left unattended, your rug will continue to deteriorate. To salvage your rug, contact a professional for cleaning and repair.



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