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Article: Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Handcrafted Rug

handmade Persian rug on hardwood floor

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Handcrafted Rug

With the spring weather approaching, it is the perfect time to clean your home - especially your handcrafted indoor and outdoor rugs! At Handcraft Rugs, we highly suggest you perform a thorough rug cleaning at least twice a year. However, if you recently had your rugs deep-cleaned or are interested in ways to maintain your rugs on a daily or weekly basis, then keep reading.

Depending on the material and age of your rug, you should vacuum regularly to extend its life. Don’t forget to focus on the back of the rug, as this will loosen any dirt lying within the foundation. Avoid any fringes or binding, however, as this can weaken the fibers and cause permanent damage. To clean near these areas, use the extension on your vacuum or a soft brush to comb out any dirt or debris.

If your rug is particularly delicate, you may want to place a nylon screen over top of it. To address stains, use a soft brush and scrub gently with soap and warm water. Afterward, place a towel over your rug and carefully blot at the wet areas. Your rug should not be used again until it has completely dried.

For more ideas on cleaning and maintaining your handmade Persian rugs, you can trust in the experts at Handcraft Rugs. Give us a call today at (310) 927-1764.