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Article: Tips for Decorating Your Log Cabin

Cabin area rugs

Tips for Decorating Your Log Cabin

Having a cozy cabin getaway is something many people dream of. The wood elements, rustic décor, cozy accents, and plaid fabrics are all associated with standard cabin style, but how do you take your woodsy vacation home to the next level?

Mixing Modern and Rustic

Your cabin is filled with gorgeous woodwork and elements, which can look stunning combined with more modern pieces. It brings a fresh look to the environment and can help you feel like you are not completely stuck in the past.

Use Vintage-Inspired Pieces

If vintage is more your thing, you can represent the standard cabin look with a variety of vintage pieces. This will allow the space to look comfortable, yet sophisticated so you can feel like you are vacationing in luxury.

Charming Outdoor Areas

Whether you have an outdoor eating area, a sunroom, or a porch attached to your cabin, you can incorporate a variety of woodsy and rustic décor to make the area charming and inviting. You can include one of our many cabin area rugs to help the space feel more comfortable, despite being outdoors or partially outdoors.

Incorporate a Nautical Theme

If your cabin is along the lake or near the beach, a nautical-inspired theme can genuinely say “vacation.” Incorporate elements such as antique ship wheels and beautiful blues to contrast the warmth of the wooden floors and walls.