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Article: How to Arrange Area Rugs throughout Your Home

contemporary living room with an area rug

How to Arrange Area Rugs throughout Your Home

Area rugs are a convenient and affordable alternative to wall-to-wall carpet. They are easier to clean and require less of a commitment. If you have your eye on a beautiful floral, geometric or authentic Indian rug, but you are not sure how to incorporate it into your room of choice, check out our helpful tips for area rug placement below.

At the entryway

If you are thinking of placing your new area rug at the front door of your home, open the door and note the space between the bottom of your door and the entryway floor. While you may love the feel of a thick rug to greet you as you come home, the constant friction caused by the door’s movement could decrease the life of your rug.

In the living room

When incorporating an area rug into the seating area of your living room, consider placing the front legs of your sofa and chairs on (or surrounding) the outer edges of the rug. This arrangement will help to “connect” the furniture and harmonize your décor while lending a wonderful sense of proportion to the whole room.

In the dining room

If you are placing your new area rug in the dining room, make sure it extends at least eighteen inches beyond the edge of the table. This way, the rug will be sure to also accommodate the dining room chairs.

In the bedroom

A large area rug centered under the bed and covering the floor to within a foot of the walls will create a traditional look for the bedroom.

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