Area Rug Gripper Pad Hard Floor, Size-Color Variation Provides Protection/Cushion


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      Size Guide and Features:
      2x4 Feet Exact Size: 2.6 ft. by 1.7 ft. / 31.5" by 19.7"
      2x8 Feet Exact Size: 1.9 ft. by 6.9 ft. / 22.4" by 82.68"
      4x6 Feet Exact Size: 3.6 ft. by 4.8 ft. / 42.5" by 58.27"
      5x8 Feet Exact Size: 4.9 ft. by 6.9 ft. / 59.1" by 82.68"
      7x10 Feet Exact Size: 5.6 ft. / 66.9" by 98.43”
      8x11 Feet Exact Size: 7.4 ft. by 10.2 ft. / 88.6" by 122.1"
      10x13 Feet Exact Size: 9.3 ft. by 12.3 ft. / 112" by 147.6"
      Machine Made in Turkey
      Pile Thickness: 0.1 Inch
      Made Of Polypropylene with Non-Slip Rubber Backing
      Ideal For: All Type of hard floors
      Latex Free

      • DURABLE AND STRONG: These non-adhesive rug pads are constructed of premium materials for long-lasting quality to help keep rugs in place on the floor. Our rug pads offer extra grip by preventing injuries from slips, trips and falls
      • EASY TO USE: Our no skid rug pads come precut to fit most standard sized area rugs. Don't see the size you need? In many cases the rug pad does not need to cover the entire rug, and in case if the Rug Pad is Larger than your area Rug, Don't worry! Simply choose the pad that closest fits your rug and trim the excess with A scissor.
      • CAUTION: To Prevent Falls, Place on clean, dry floor and smooth wrinkles. Make sure rug lies flat and stays flat with use. Do not use rug pad on stairs.
      • WASHABLE GRIP RUG PADS: Made with polymer coated polyester scrim, Hand wash with mild detergent and air-dried.
      • ADDS COMFORT AND CUSHINING: Our Grip Rug Pads adds extra cushioning and comfort by absorbing the shock of Hard Surfaces
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